For overseas customers: A notice regarding lucky packs

For overseas customers: A notice regarding lucky packs


This year we won't offer international shipping for lucky packs via our official homepage.

However, you can order them through our official stockist Wunderwelt Fleur!

They offer a wider selection of payment methods than our official homepage and their shop is also available in English and Chinese. We hope this will allow you to shop more conveniently and with confidence!

You can order not only lucky packs but also other Enchantlic Enchantilly items and even items from other brands all at once.
Why not give them a try?

The lucky packs are limited in number, so we recommend placing your orders soon!



由于Enchantlic Enchantilly官方网站不面向海外发送福袋,
因此特别委托本店官方代理网站「Wunderwelt Fleur」进行代理销售!

比起Enchantlic Enchantilly的官方网站,Wunderwelt Fleur的付款方式更多,非常贴心!

除了福袋以外,还可以买到Enchantlic Enchantilly的其他商品以及其他品牌,非常方便。