Thank you! RuffleCon!!!

Hello! I just wanted to thank you, though my mail was late. I entirely enjoyed Ruffle Con last weekends.
It was my first trip around the east coast of the U.S.A., so I was so excited.

I was so happy many people came to our booth, Harajuku Hearts!

Because all of the models at the show wore our cloths so cute, I was happy, too.

Unfortunately, I could not see the show, but I could find their smile so lovely on the stage from pictures I received.

All of the models, I wanted to say, "Thank you,"
I could join in this event smoothly, because the stuff of Ruffle Con supported me a lot.

Let me tell all the stuff, "Thank you!"

I had to say to the promoter, I really appreciate inviting me to such a wonderful event!

These wonderful memory, events, meeting with you turned out tresure to me.

I am looking forward to seeing your again(^_-)-☆