After Tea Party One Piece ★ new release ★

After Tea Party One Piece ★ new release ★

Due to the fact that the prints are slightly blurrier than before,
there is a special 30%off this time.

30%OFF ¥21,223JPY

The reason is due to the extremely hot weather in Japan this year,
the ink was clogged during the printing.
Therefore unfortunately the prints are a bit lighter when compared with the last release.

There are no problems other than the printing being lighter.

For this release, the chiffon sleeves are made of a lighter and more transparent material,
which looks amazingly soft and luxurious!

Plus, you can let down the drape on the skirt, and turn it into a babydoll dress!

Please take this special chance and get this dress with the 30% off!

Also, new colours and reprints will be coming up soon!






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