Otome’s Sewing Book 2

This book, Otome’s Sewing Book 2, contains many sewing patterns for Lolita clothing.


Chantilly’s patterns are also available in it.
I recommend it to people who love to make their own clothes and accessories.

The patterns also have small, medium, and large sizes!

Even if you cannot read the Japanese directions, there are plenty of step-by-step pictures to help those who want to make the clothes.

This book also contains many cute pictures of models, Misako and Midori, throughout the book so it’s also good for those who don’t make clothes.

This book is available internationally.
The weight of the book is 500 grams.

If you buy one pair of socks, the total weight 650 grams.

It is a great bargain if you buy the book along with any other item from my shop.

*Product code: Otome’s Sewing Book 2
*Price: 1.155jpy

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